Professional Magician Greg the Great will make your child’s birthday party amazing and the most memorable ever! Guaranteed!

Magician Greg the Great is an expert in family shows and he specializes in children entertainment. Greg has over 20 years performing for children so he knows what works and what doesn’t. It should be noted that the adults will also have a great time.

Your birthday child will be the star in a 1 hour, comedy, audience participation show. This show is highly interactive and extremely funny.

Your child will be the star of the show. Your child can magically appear and or even float in the air. For the big finale I’ll bring your child up and he/she will take a magic wand and make a live bunny magically appear. Of course all the other kids will be oohing and ahhing like crazy and everyone will thank you for great time.

Your child will get a magicians certificate and magic kit and all other guests will get a magic gift to take home to share with their mom and dad.

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“As I got older and launched my performing career, I came to realize that I love performing for KIDS. If you’re looking for a kid show specialist then look no further, I specialize in children programs and have been contracted by public libraries to entertain families.

I’ve been performing for children professionally for over 20 years. Parents, school administrators, and librarians always comment on how well I interact with kids! I guarantee my shows will be captivating and hilarious, interactive fun for your child on his or her special day!

My “Birthday Party Extravaganza” Magic Show is highly interactive, extremely funny and is specifically designed to make children laugh like crazy. The birthday magic show feature silly, goofy magic for younger kids, jaw-dropping and amazing magic for older kids, free magic goodies, and so much more! In fact you’ll be amazed by all the laughter you hear and the huge smiles you see when I perform this show at your home”