“Who Wants FREE MONEY for Their School?”

And Have Great Family Entertainment
at the Same Time!

Dear PTA / Booster Club Fundraiser:

My name is Greg Skillestad and I am one of Minnesota’s busiest Family Entertainers.  As a Professional Magician, I perform over 250 shows every year.

Because of the school budget crisis, several schools are finding it hard to afford educational assembly programs even though they know how much they benefit their students.

That is why I created my no-risk fundraising program for schools.  With this program, your kids don’t have to sell anything door to door.  It’s easier, faster, and fun for the whole family!


Quite simply, your school hosts a “Comedy Magic Illusion Show” Family Night, where I come and perform the same big time, hilarious magic show which I perform in professional theaters which is designed to entertain the entire family, and we split the ticket sales 50/50 on only the first $1700, after which, you keep 100% of all the profits!  Yes, you read that correctly:  we split the ticket sales until my half reaches $850, then your school keeps 100% from every ticket sold!  You also get 100% of all the other ways to profit from this event, including concession sales.

This is what sets my program apart from others, who take half of everything earned, and this is why schools make so much more with Greg the Greats Family Fundraiser.


I also make this the easiest family night you have ever hosted by doing 99% of the work for you.  I give your school ready-to-print posters, flyers for the kids to take home, tickets, a coloring poster for a contest, press releases and announcements for the morning broadcasts, a FREE REPORT on how to make even more money beyond ticket sales from the event.  I even donate a Magic Set for you to raffle off so you can make yet more money!

I will also make one of the children float in mid-air, make a teacher magically appear and even saw the principal in half! Everyone will want to come see this exciting, funny, and professional show!


It’s SO EASY to bring this exciting, fun-filled Magic Show to your school, and it will probably be the most fun fundraiser you will have all year.  Best of all, it doesn’t cost you a dime to host!  Plus there is Zero-Risk:  if you don’t make money, you owe me nothing.  And you should make a lot more money than me!

To receive your FREE INFO KIT detailing how you can bring my Magic Show Fundraiser to your school, call or email me today.

There is no obligation to book the show but by getting this free kit you will learn how easy it is to earn thousands of dollars by hosting my “Family Fun Magic Night.”